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Making History

In the month of May of 2017, we will be reaching our 40th year anniversary, since opening our doors in 1977. We have made a few cosmetic changes over the four decades and changed some of our menu items to help highlight the updated fresh ingredients that we use, but we still are the same family owned store that has grown with the City of Franklin Park! We would like to thank all our loyal customers for allowing us to do what we love and we appreciate the pizza-love back! Running a small business is not always easy and there are peaks and valleys, but what makes us work hard, is seeing our first-time customer come in as a child and smile cheek-to-cheek while tasting the first bite of our pizza. And then see that person come in week after week for many years and then continuing the same tradition with their child! We are lucky to be a part of everyone’s house, birthday or company parties and we hope to continue to cater to all our long-time existing, new and future customers for many more years to come.
Nick & Bruno's Pizzeria was founded in 1977 by brothers who had recently moved from Italy just a few years ago, trying to create their American dream. With their families to support and after a few years of hard labor, the three young brothers started their own business in hopes to make a special kind of pizza. The crispy crust and delicious soft melted cheese filled the mouths of curious customers with flavor and memories of the flavors of Italy. In addition to the pizza, they introduced the panzerotto to Franklin Park, or also known as the Italian Taco. Customers began to take note and realize the up and coming small family business. While only having to compete with a small amount of pizzerias back then, Nick & Bruno's Pizzeria has been able to increase business and create the old-school family-owned environment we are so proud of! Now there are many more pizzerias in the area, but we are still going strong. Owned by Nick and Joe, Nick & Bruno's Pizzeria in Franklin Park, IL also serves a variety of Italian meals, sandwiches, and more. Customers especially love the ribs, wings, panzerotti and more that we serve. Besides, we make our very own MONSTER pizzas that keeps customers coming back for more!
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Thin, Pan, Stuffed, and Deep Dish Pizza

What is the difference? The thin crust is our original style pizza cooked with our homemade crispy light thin crust, topped with our signature spiced sauce, blend of our mozzarella cheeses and any ingredients of your choosing! You can also make your pizza double dough, allowing you to get the same great taste with an added bonus of having a crispy outer and soft inner crust. Our restaurant also offers tasty deep dish, pan, and stuffed pizzas. The stuffed is another favorite of ours that really captures all the flavors of our pizza in a two layered dough holding in all the cheese and ingredients in-between. The traditional deep dish can be made upon request the "Chicago Style" way, with sauce, ingredient and cheese in reverse order. Last but not least we have the pan pizza which is a traditional constructed pizza but cooked in a thick flaky and crispy crust.
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